Hey, thanks for visiting this page. It seems you’re interested about “inStartup“. Great! Then let me tell you more about it. Also, a small recap is necessary at this point of time about its genesis & where it went & what’s it’s status quo.

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inStartup is a private email newsletter that features startup interviews, videos, product reviews, rants & early access to pre-launched websites/products etc.

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Past: I started this private mailing list on 18th Feb, 2011 to share information, insights & more straight from the horses’ mouth (in this case it was startup founders’) which I won’t be able to do so with my normal blog posts.

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Present: In today’s date, inStartup newsletter is on temporary hiatus due to shortage of time from my end.

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Future: As good things take some time, so trust me I’m trying my best to kickstart it once again.

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Till date, more than 100+ smart folks have subscribed to the inStartup newsletters. And only 2 have unsubscribed (sad, but true). So I would like to thank all of you who have kept the patience all along & are still subscribed to it!

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Also I’ve published 6 newsletters till date with video interviews of startup founders. You can view all the video interviews I’d taken earlier in the official inStartup youtube channel. You can also follow us at @in_Startup (in this case, twitter hasn’t helped us in giving @inStartup even though it seems inactive for more than a year).

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Also lately, I’ve been receiving lots of missives, emails, tweets asking to restart the newsletter. So I think that it would be wrong to leave it unfinished.

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So Sign-up here >>>

Enter your email address:
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So here’s a list of Q&A’s:

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Q. How will you get access to inStartup newsletter or videos?

Ans. inStartup’s content will be available in your inbox if you’re in the mailing list; for which you’ve to subscribe to the newsletter (no-spam guarantee). You can access the videos at Youtube channel (youtube.com/inStartup), this blog (SampadSwain.com) and tweeted out from (@in_Startup / @Sampad).
Q. What’s the privilege factor for a subscribed member than a non-subscribed one?
Ans. All newsletter subscribers will receive the videos interviews in their subscribed email ID (i.e. inbox); whereas rest of the world can watch the videos a week after at our youtube channel.
Q. Where else can I follow “inStartup”?
Ans. Follow us at various destinations like Twitter | Youtube | Facebook to get more bytes & info.
Cheers. Keep well!
Updated on 26th Oct, 2011