25th July 2012 was a BIGG day for me & my wife. We were blessed with healthy twin boys. For the last 9 months or so, we have been waiting for this moment. And finally, the moment came wrapped up in something fuzzy and gooey but a scene wondrous to behold and that moment is definitely etched in my memory forever.

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Here’s their day-3 pic.

My twin boys :: Left is elder son; Right is younger one.

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Now back to late night parenting.

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May be someday I would write a book or something for startup founders on parenting tips and give it away on @instamojo 🙂

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Supernote: Words are less to describe how fortunate I feel to have my wife beside me who’s been like my guardian angel as long as I can remember. More so, in the crazy startup ride for the last year or so while I was starting Instamojo. And now she’s gifted me “my precious” 🙂

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