For the last two months, team Instamojo have been gearing up for Unpluggd in Bangalore. We had put ourselves through rigorous work schedule to finish what we had internally promised to demo on the stage i.e. a live demo of how simple selling is on Instamojo with our single page checkout. Although its easier said than done, but with uncle Murphy’s blessings [thanks to @hiway for  being my wingman], everything went really well on stage and we did demo’d without any intervention to an auditorium packed with about 600+ people.

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Now to give you a brief behind the stage scene on what & how we did it:

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1. @Sengupta – Sengupta was our main guy who took the pain of understanding payment gateways and their amazing [sic] API. Most often than not, he reverse engineered API documentation to make it work. And the beauty is the he had IMO implemented one of the best ways of how payment gateway should be integrated for today’s commerce enabled companies. More on that we would write on our Instamojo blog.

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2. @Hiway – As always, hiway is our core guy we all look after when it comes to architecture and usability. Lot of the stuff that you see on the website and probably feel, they that’s easy – trust me you should blame hiway for that. He’s born with a knack of making things simple. I attribute this to his laziness to doing more with less.

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3. Akash –  Akash literally took the pain of delving deep in the ops part of the backstage. How we get payment gateways, which one of better, which will make it easier for our users, banking mumbo-jumbo, finances etc which goes without saying isn’t anyone cuppa tea was gracefully handled by him. Although I shouldn’t miss the chance of mentioning this publicly that this guy doesn’t know what the word “worry” means ever. Sometimes I’m screaming, shouting blah blah and he’s going easy-peesy. Still need to learn that from him.

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4. Finally me – I’m the guy who trying to glue all of these things together. I guess CEO’s don’t work hard 🙂

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All in all, an amazing place for a early stage startup like ours to demo’d and get tons of feedback and how we can make Instamojo better than yesterday.

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Now back to work.

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