More often than not, a particular thought invades my mind in a rather unusual way than many other thoughts. I often wondered about how lucky I am where I’ve almost everything that I could have asked for. An amazing family, a super supportive wife, great bunch of friends, awesome bunch of pirates whom I work with & then the online world of fans, friends & followers from social networks who are now part & parcel of my digital existence in a tangible way.

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But I wasn’t really happy for one particular thought. Guilt of abundant consumption. Guilt about how much I owe back to so many folks. Although I can and will try to take care of my guilt about giving back love, care, affection, respect.

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But what about giving back knowledge to someone about something I know pretty well. Or paying it forward in terms of giving away stuff I already own but will never use. Shouldn’t that help me feel less guilty of abundant consumption.

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About a year back:  I’d this weird idea. That particular idea was shaping up pretty well initially. More so, I’d bunch of folks (pirates I call them) who joined me in the mission too. The mission was to simplify mobile advertising for small businesses. We worked for good 10 months or so (more so on that in a separate blog post soon), only to realize that our clients don’t really care about our solution – let alone paying us for that. So it was business conundrum: should we keep at it or move onto something anew.

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So much has been said and done on moving towards a new or different direction (some call it pivot) that I won’t waste time scribbling it here. But we had to eventually move on. More so, as our personal funds were drying up & we had to quickly make a decision. And so we did.

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In between high & dry: While we were solving & tremendously focussing on simplifying mobile advertising, all of us had similar point of view about “abundant consumption guilt“. But that’s something I guess we never discussed in amongst ourselves (god knows why). But in those high & dry times of ecstasy of how our old idea’s algorithm can change the world for good and our drying of personal funds, we finally discussed about the guilt of abundant-consumption for the 1st time.

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The magic: While we were at it, we thought lets turn our guilt into a simple product which can make us feel less bad about our consumption. As vague as it is sounds now, trust me it was the same on day zero when we all discussed it. We had no bloody clue what we were going to build or what path to take. Fortunately, the entire team had seen enough bad & good times to know that we just need to re-focus on single entity of our idea to pull this off.

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So we did. We defined couple of ground rules. We decided to not chase moving targets. We decided to focus & align everything towards a unit direction and hence came up answers to few critical questions viz.

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Problem statement: How to make ourselves (and possibly folks like us) feel less guilty about abundant consumption?

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Solution: A product which simply lets you give-away your unused stuff for free instantly. No hassles. No headache. Plain simple & beautiful.

Focus area: Keep it dead simple, so that everyone can use it.


Birth of – Hence Instamojo was born. I still remember the night of 24th April, 2012 when we Logo trimmed 200pxhad no clue what the world would think of this weird-ass idea. So at exactly 9:10PM, went live with us tweeting about it to know what others think.

And it was fun. Post launch, things went crazy. People instantly liked the idea. They came up with new ideas, feedback, criticism to fill our days & night. We then realized, hey the “abundant consumption guilt” is for real.It’s not only us. There are whole bunch of folks from around the world, who think the same. They just needed something to help them.

So they started giving out their stuff. We still don’t believe it sometime that this is true. But hey, I guess good things happen to good people right.

I still remember, I said once that “This shit just got serious” post Instamojo launch. We moved on to private invitation only within two days of launch to keep the sanctity of the platform, since we want genuine folks giving out genuine stuff to genuine folks.


Here's to the crazy ones...

P.S.  I really want to thank so many folks for helping us throughout – from friends, family, our amazing users, critiques, investors. Everyone. Hope we can keep going like this & make Instamojo more useful. Heck, we hope you can also join us to change the world for good; may be sometime soon. Adios for the next time.

Stay well. And have fun *always*.

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