I’m guessing you’ve already been through my previous post about how & why we started Instamojo. That would help me give you some context. So we kind of started on this weird idea of how can we let people share and giveaway their unused stuff to anyone. Our hypothesis was that it help us reduce our guilt of abundant consumption. So things pretty much shaped well & post launch we got amazing feedback/criticism & sort-off traction from folks around the world. So that’s that.

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Now the question that users started asking us – what do we share or giveaway?

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So this wasn’t something we had thought of earlier. Think of us as dumb. So while we eating our own dog food by using Instamojo to giveaway our stuff to folks, we didn’t notice the gap between what we perceived & what folks around us perceived of Instamojo.

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We immediately took charge and started letting folks know how they can use it by updating our faq page & also tweeting from time to time about different giveaways that people are using Instamojo for. That sort of triggered an unknown hidden urge for many folks to start caring & get on with giving away their unused stuff.

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Now there’s another facet we notice after we launched. Our previous assumption that folks can use Instamojo to giveaway their physical stuff (things you can touch & feel) wasn’t always applicable for many others. People wanted to give-away time. I mean they want to share their time with somebody else like say dating, meeting, going for a trip, carpooling etc etc.

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Now we had to immediately make room for such interesting use-cases in our system. We immediately deployed “time” as a component in Instamojo’s offer upload process.

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So all in all, diverse use-cases started pouring in. And that kind of let people’s imagination run overdrive on how they can use Instamojo to enhance interaction of fans, followers & friends using a social sharing model.

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This comes to the title of the post – what can you do with Instamojo?

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Let me jot down few interesting examples here for better clarity – but do fill us in with more weird & useful use-cases that we (the team of 4 of us right now) can’t imagine too.

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1. Someone giving out free copies of their android application for user testing – Link here

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Free copies of Android Application

2. Someone selling his Acer Aspire. Although we never thought people would sell, but people are proving us wrong too – Link


3. Someone giving away her Ducati yellow and Green knitted flats.

3 screenshot4 screenshot

4. Someone wanted to meet someone looking for funding over lunch via Instamojo – Link

5 screenshot

5. Someone wanted to meet his next date on London bridge – Link

6 screenshot

6. Book giveaways are pretty big on Instamojo. Here’s one example – Link 

7 screenshot

7. Outdoor photography session offered free of charge – Link

8 screenshot

8. Carpooling slots being taken on Instamojo – Link

9 screenshot

9. We had our 1st meet up where we took RSVP via Instamojo page – Link

10 screenshot

10. Someone freely offered baby clothes whoever wants it – Link


Hope this post helps you get some context about how you can use Instamojo effectively. I would come up with more examples since this post is already pretty long.

So till next time. Take care & have fun *always*.

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