So yesterday was a day spent well. I went to Barcamp Mumbai without assumptions about how it’s going to be. Although I’ve heard a lot from Sengupta about it since he’s one of the organizers. Also many of my twitter friends were also going to this event. So I thought instead of lazing around, might as well move along.

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I landed there late – post lunch. Thought I’d missed much. But how wrong I was. Although I did miss lot of interesting sessions earlier but that didn’t really dampen anything for me. As the day went long, it kind of became more & more interesting. One session after another.

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In between met bunch of my old twitter pals like Sameer, Malcolm, Preshit, Siddharth, Anirudh, Krutika, Rehab, Ramya, Annkur, Mehul, Ranjeet, Rohan and many others. For me it was like going back to old college days (yes duh, I’m old) – but better since noway we would have so much fun on a sunday sitting in a classroom giving full attention to something. I guess, that’s the whole spirit of Barcamp Unconference.

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So which all sessions I attended & liked (not in any order):

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1. Love in the Digital age by Priyal. This session was interesting in many counts. Sort of brought the entire junta to think hard about online interactions starting from 140 chars to hookups & breaks-up. Audience also sort of participated carefully for obvious reasons. But the end was expected with hiway drawing a beautiful & logical conclusion saying that “online interactions are subjective & each one has his/her right to devour this information flow (something like that)”. Here’s the video.

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2. 3 stories & a smile (or something like that) by Annkur.

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3. The rape manual by Rashi – this is the session I liked the most. Reason being Rashi’s topic brought the inconvenient truth to an audience size of 100+. And sort of made (almost) everyone to ponder about it. As Rashi mentioned – “…at least we are now speaking about it. That’s the first step”.

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4. Negotiating with VCs for dummies – An Entrepreneur’s Legal Guide by Abhyudaya Agarwal. Wanted to sit in this topic but it kind of bored me from start. And with help from Malcolm, Preshit & Shadez we left for more greener pastures.

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5. Be a Bombil by Rohini – She had one of the most amazing stage/mic voice. No wonder she’s an RJ. Moot point – just go out & build your own brand as its easy and cheap now to do it than it was couple of years back (although I   don’t agree with her entirely).

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6. How to use Powerpoint for everything from simple pics to making comics by Chuck_Gopal – interesting points there but I guess I wasn’t just the right audience for the topic. But he’s a good presenter. So he kind of held me back to be seated & give him a patient hearing.

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Wanted to attend the Facebook IPO session but missed it as we can’t find that room. Although folks did gave this feedback to the un-organizers about better direction.

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All in all, fun day with friends. Learnt a lot and unlearnt a few. Now looking forward to BCM10 – probably happening in Oct 2012. And I’m thinking to speak. Lets see.

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BTW, here’s few more pics (thanks to hiway)


Till next time. Have fun & stay well.

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