Lately I’ve started using this cool service called Askolo – where you can ask anyone any question. While I was at it, someone asked me a question which I thought of sharing with a broader audience of this blog.

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What were the most important lessons that you learned at your first startup that you’re applying to your new company?

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My answer was:

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Many actually. But let me list down top 3 important lessons which I learnt & still learning…

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1. Time – is the most important asset for any entrepreneur. Wherever it can be saved, save it. E.g. if you’re working on a feature whose implementation is taking time, don’t push yourself hard to get it right by spending too much of time. Acquire the knowledge by seeking help. It saves you from wasting previous engineering time relevant at that point of time & shipping your feature.

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2. Speed of execution – is another important lesson for me. I think it’s the biggest arsenal that a startup has against big boys or competitors. Learn (fast), iterate (fast), deploy (fast), repeat (fast). Being quick & nimble has more benefits if you’re just starting up – both from economic & psychological point of view for you & your team.

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3. Focus hard on short term priorities rather than brooding too much on long term benefits. As they say, there’s no long term if there isn’t any short term.

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p.s. you can ask me more (harder) questions if you want to there. So give it a spin. btw here’s what I don’t want to answer there 🙂

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