I’ve been thinking off-late to jot down this post. This blog post is all about the online services which I use daily for my productivity gains. Many are old & repeats while few are new & quite cool. It makes me feel really happy that I live in an era where all these services come free of cost for personal use.

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Quick Note (a chrome extension) – the quickest way to take notes in Chrome. Its one of the best desktop note-app.

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Why: I can quickly note down my thoughts, comments or anything just with a click of a button.

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Love: It’s the online version of notepad while browsing for me without much hassles. It works across all major browsers. Find it more useful that Evernote as it takes lesser action.

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Hate: Somehow doesn’t work in the Chrome Webstore itself. Strange!

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Windows live writer – desktop blogging tool (p.s. I’m typing in WLR right now)

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Why: it makes it easy for me to publish my content without much hassle.

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Love: Best use case if to use it offline mode in draft & publish it whenever you get time. Also editing is much easier.

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Hate: works best in windows environment. Cringes a bit if you’re working on a mac.

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Dropbox – lets you save your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

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Why: makes my life more simple when it comes to storage of any kind of data over many devices.

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Love: its sheer simplicity. storing your data on the cloud has never been much easier. love its sharing options.

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Hate: storage capacity is just max 10 GB free i.e. 2GB + 8GB (via referrals).

Ifttt – creates tasks which fits the simple structure “if this then then (i-f-t-t-t)” i.e. when something happens (this) then do something else (that).

Why – automates my most mundane tasks without me moving an inch.

Love – helps these simple tasks which fits your daily curriculum. also helps to create critical daily tasks on your priority by simple notifications.

Hate – limited channels.

Skype – free video calls.

Why – don’t have to meet people always. works best when meeting people remotely is part of your daily task list.

Love – way more personal

Hate – connectivity can be a dampener.

Google apps for business – web mail.

Why – solves my gmail issues of sending limits of more than 500 daily.

Love – 2-way authentication

Hate – free upto 10 users.

iTunes Desktop – automatically lets you organize, download and play digital content on your computer

Why – hate going to content url everytime there’s something new to watch or hear.

Love – automatically downloads content for the channels I’ve subscribed without me doing anything

Hate – closed environment. doesn’t work for content outside the walled garden.

Bitbucket – free source code hosting & issue tracking.

Why – easy private collaboration without any hassle.

Love – Unlimited public & private repositories and free for upto 5 users.

Hate – multiple email alerts if I edit any already uploaded issues. sometime push requests fail over slow n/w

BoomerangForGmail – Schedule an email to be sent later. Easy email reminders.

Why – helps me on email follow-ups with reminders. also lets me schedule ‘to be sent email’ for later

Love – the feature which helps me to sent an email if ‘someone replies in X days’ & if ‘I don’t hear back in Y days’.

Hate –  still finding…

Grove – private IRC server for your company with archives and search.

Why – always wanted a private group chat within the company/peers or like-minded folks

Love – it works!

Hate – still finding…

I use few more bots & alpha apps but not sharing it now since they are not yet stable. So hope you find this list productive for you all well. Do share if you’re using some neat tool which might help us all.