I have an interesting thing to share. About an year back I’ve been mulling over an idea. It was broadly on the lines of how can I give back to the startup fraternity. It would be wrong if I don’t share with you that I’ve thought about couple of things to do like

  • Creating a repository for all startups (more like Crunchbase for India)
  • A private/public page for all startup’ers (something like About.me for only startup folks). May be this will see the light one day. Fingers crossed!
  • Creating an online version of individual tweet-up to make person meets person (something on the lines of office hours)
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Now most of the above ideas haven’t seen the daylight due to shortage of time on my behalf. So to work around this constraint, I started an idea called inStartup which is still quasi-live. Although I did work on it for couple of months, then got busy in other mundane activities.

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Now come yesterday, I’d some time to spare & thought of crafting something within couple of hours. Hence, the idea hatched into something called “Made in Maximum City (MiMC)”.

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So why might ask why? No sweat. Here’s the answer. I’m entirely indebted to the Maximum City (aka Mumbai aka Bombay). I came to this city in the year 2008 with little dreams in my eyes. While battling between corporate assjackerry & living up the dreams, I was always helped, supported & in many ways shown the right path by folks around. I would call that helping hand to be the “Big Mumbai Spirit”. So its my way of giving back to the city to whom I owe a hell lot. Hence the idea “Made in Maximum City (MiMC)”.

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So if you’re interesting to know more about what’s it all about, pull yourself over to the header which says Made in MC.

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Also here’s the FAQs too (if you’re the kind who might be interested to read):

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Q1. What’s the criteria to be part of this list?

  • 50% of coding should have been done in Mumbai (at least 50% of both frontend & backend)
  • Should be a technology startup (not service startups like brick-n-mortar agencies etc)
  • Should have a decent userbase or a good monthly visitation flow (right now we are not setting benchmark for this)
  • Proudly display “Made in MC” in your website with a linkback to this page OR display MC with preceding verb/adverb like “Proudly Made in Mumbai” or “Lovingly Made in MC” etc. Got questions – tweet us!
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Q2. How can we add our startup in the list?

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Here you go. Fill this form & submit.

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Q3. So what’s the moot point of “Made in Maximum City (MiMC)”?

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We thought that its time that we should be little proud of the place where we build our baby to conquer the world. So little <3 for Mumbai doesn’t hurt anyone. Also lets proudly show ourselves off in the hope that everyone everywhere (including s/w engineers who don’t live in the world’s greatest city) know that internet is being made in the maximum city.

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Q4. Is there an official “Made in MC (MiMC)”  logo available that we can display?

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Good that you asked. Not yet. But surely, that’s coming. So if you’re a designer, visualizer, photoshop jockey & anything to do with logo designing, you’re my favorite person right now. So do get in touch!

Q5. How does it help my company?

  • If you’re a startup entrepreneur, its good to be known amongst good’ol talent who are looking for you.
  • If you’re a startup job seeker, I think you already know where to go to find that awesome company to join where technology is at the helm.
  • If you’re a startup evangelist, the list works like an exhaustive list of technology companies in Mumbai for your reference.

Rest all, please go figure! btw we do our share to promote #MiMC as much as possible publicly :)

Q6. Where can we all see the list of startups?

The exhaustive list of startups will be listed on this page with backlinks to their page.

Q7. Who all are involved in this scrappy initiative?

Right now, its me, myself & my old laptop. But little help is always welcome.

Q8. Idea seems interesting! How can I contribute?

Mail. Tweet. Whatever way you want to contribute, we can surely work it out :) P.S. Use #MiMC to get immediate attention over twitter.

Q9. How do you verify that the above mentioned criteria’s are met?

Good question. Right now, we follow the honesty principle. Later, we would be doing verification. But if violations are caught, we won’t hesitate to make it public.

Q10. Yo, where can we send suggestions & criticisms?

Try @MadeinMC or sampad [at] sampadswain.com Try to be nice. Thanks :)

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