Today is a defining day for all Indian F1 lovers as India is debuting in F1. Although I’m not a fan of F1 (yet) but definitely the build up process in the media did caught my attention lately as I was waiting to catch some action for the pole position (or whatever its called). Now due to some outside work, I couldn’t catch the action LIVE on television. Too bad.

I even missed the LIVE T20 cricket action between India & England too.

Now, while I was feeling bad that I couldn’t watch any of the two LIVE events, I kept wondering wouldn’t it be great if I could have watched the action in entirety later on-demand. Now I’m not talking about the typical pause, record & rewind Live TV. For that I’ve to be physically present in front of my TV set. I wanted something where I can do the same pause, record & rewind TV shows, events etc on-demand on mobile devices/iPad or Tab. Wouldn’t that be cool for viewing my favorite stuff whenever & wherever I want to.

Now while I was thinking about such option for myself – I suddenly remembered reading something couple of days back by John Gruber. It was about Bloomberg TV+ for iPad.

Now that’s the future of television IMO.

As Gruber calls it, apps are the new channels. I agree to most extent to that idea.

Distribution is the key for this kinda game. More so, for a bigger play, larger distribution deals are to be inked. Now thinking on similar lines for startups, an immense opportunity opens up for sure. But due to lack of clarity on my part, I’m not able to judge if a fledgling startup can create such apps (say for CNN-IBN or HBO or Sony or Star World) which we can watch as we feel wherever & whenever we feel. Stop it, rewind it, record it, skip to our favorite part – basically do whatever we do like in a normal youtube video.

That would be really cool. Also add GetGlue or the Indian counterpart, WebMurga kind of ideas mapped to those apps. It definitely becomes more interactive & social experience than its today.

So the use case is definitely interesting.

But from legal point of view, I think production houses won’t give the rights for some other company to create such things. I guess there’s some legal issues involved – or may be I’m wrong. Hopefully someone can help me understand the terrain better Smile

Now here’s a screenshot from the Bloomberg+ app for iPad:

bloomberg  screenshot

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