Up until now, I’d almost forgotten this blog. So haven’t updated much here. Over the past year or so, many things happened for good – some by chance & some I’d strived for. All in all, the experience & the journey has been awesome & can’t wait for more to come.

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Along the way, I have had many experiences & have formed many new point of views (which I’ve shared more often than not via twitter). Now I want to share all that over here more often than I used to.

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So considering this to be a fresh new start for me & this blog of course.

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Hoping to see you all pouring in comments, feedback & as usual contrarian point of views which helps all of us of course.

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Note: I changed the entire design & layout with a sleek & cleaner design & more stress on the font & color scheme. Hope all of you like it. Cheers Smile

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