Have you given your shot at Quora recently? I might sound repetitive but trust me if you’re an entrepreneur, tech enthusiast,images startup alley guy or anything related to learning how stuff works then definitely its a powerful resource (and the best part is its just getting built word by word). My personal learning from wide areas of topics have been great & have started treating Quora more like an Google + Wikipedia + Facebook (minus the pokes) + lil bit of LinkedIn too!

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Today I was just browsing my old followed question & I stumbled something which I posted sometime back – What are the possible exit routes for web startups in India?

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I’d also give my PoV there:

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To keep it simple to understand, here are the possible exits routes (especially in India) in descending order of making enough to think u r rich:

  1. IPO (MMYT, Rediff, Info Edge – Naukri, Sify etc)
  2. Global players’ acquisition – Big daddy like $GOOG or $YHOO etc buying you out (to add your core product/team into their line of biz/strategy of expansion or quick growth) – sometimes this unfortunately kills innovation (e.g. eBay acquiring Bazee – eCommerce)
  3. Indigenous conglomerate acquisition route to again expand or fuel the growth story (e.g. UTV acquiring Indiagames – Gaming; Infomedia18 buying Burrp – Local)
  4. Selling to your domestic & International (this one is tricky) competition
  5. Raising series B or C round of funding – Having exit clauses work in your favor. But can’t really remember any examples now.
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Thinking about it, it becomes all the more important when you’re a venture backed company and the pressure of monthly or quarterly board meeting results in friction of where are the investors going to make money.

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So better still is to have a clear roadmap of where the product or the idea is heading (caveat though – I doubt if you can plan 100% of your next 3-5 yr plan but a general gameplan has to be borne in mind) – It Helps!

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P.S. Any other possible exit you can think of – do add it in the comments below!

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