This post was supposed to be posted later. What I mean is I wanted to write couple of blog notes first about Quora – the latest Q&A site which surfaced sometime back with simplified UX chops & an interesting login mechanism and then post this question to you all. But since today I’d already posted the question in #Quora, thought of sharing the same here. So thoughts on #quora will come laters.

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Few people have showed interest in the question viz @arjumram from Taazza & @vvpreetham from Quantama and few others in the #Quora fraternity too.

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Now this question is very close to my heart. So wanted everybody to share their experience, viewpoints on this question and try to learn more about it since frankly speaking we haven’t understood the local market fully yet.

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So calling everybody to this question through this blog post!

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btw, if you’re interested on similar lines about what are people thinking about whose gonna dominate the global market, then surely you should follow this question. Pretty obvious names are coming out like Google, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, Gowalla, Scvngr etc (not particularly in the same order).

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Note: Few pointed out that local can mean anything. I agree. So here’s what I mean by local – Domain entails Local content & news, deals, check-ins, advertising etc.

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Answer tip perhaps: Google, Yahoo, Facebook (of course); Apart from them indigenous playas like classified vertical portals like Justdial, Asklaila or primary review sites like Burrp, Mouthshut or daily deal sites like Snapdeal, DealsAndYou or Location based content apps like quantama, taazza (mentioned above). Or a overall a new category will emerge.

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Also most importantly I feel we should ask, IS THERE A REAL PROBLEM WE ARE TRYING TO SOLVE BY GOING LOCAL.

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Now over to you guys!

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