Sometime back I read this post from @FredWilson and something inside me screamed aloud saying ‘same p(i)unch’. Reasons are many but to name a few is the similar state of unpublished thoughts & memes in this blog. May be that’s why I’ve not posted thoughts, commentary, bytes on stuff that effects me personally & more so professionally.

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That’s why year 2010 has been a lull year altogether in terms of my blog postings which I’ve decided to break, starting my last blog post.

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In the last year or so, lots of things have happened around me which has given me deep insights & sometimes real practical turnaround of thoughts of how things work. But more often that not, I’ve shy’d away from sharing it publicly. If you ask me why, then to simply put it, sometimes I was worried about if I’m sharing too much information & sometime I feel to keep my thoughts to myself for sometime later. But trust me, I knew it all along that those thoughts are getting capsized inside my head and as much as I love transparency they wanted to come out. Although a single blog post is never enough to spill it out but have decide to spill the beans slowly 🙂

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So now what has happened around me in the last one year:

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1. I quit my 9-5 cozy job to get into something called ‘entrepreneurship’ (PS: interestingly I still spell entrepreneurship wrong while typing for the 1st time) which has been more than satisfying in more ways than I could have imagined. Lost few here & won few there overall.

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2. Learnt the hardships of what it takes to start. Truly speaking the real challenge is the START. Rest all is easier IMO.

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3. Met so many new people from different walks of life that the whole journey till now only makes more excited for what’s coming in the future.

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4. …and many more stuff.

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Now back to the topic of this post which is about transparency.

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Off late, I’ve heard enough of people from the publishing fraternity posting commentary about daily deals model and more often that about its feasibility or demise in India. Am not going to use this post to bash them but truly & humbly I feel they do it without much science & mathematics behind it. Although it’s not entirely their fault because running the show & onlookers of the startup-circus are two different things. More often than not I’ve used those commentary to find answers to any unanswered questions.

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