I can’t remember last time I touched the surface of my blog with words. Now I’ve – so I’m rightly calling this post as “Back from Exile“.

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Year 2010 has been quite a year for me – both personally & professionally – Ups & downs, moments of triumphs & defeats and not forgetting momentary lapse of sanity too [plug from Pink F]. But a good year nonetheless till now.

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Okay, ok; enough of my meandering musings. Now to some serious stuff – this post shows that I’m back into my good’ol blogging action for my blog brethren with my [at times] spiteful words & token of wisdom from my learnings.

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In the last so many months of my non-blogging actions I’ve learnt so many things that I’ll take few more blog posts and slowly share one-by-one the dos & donts of entrepreneurship [ala Indian istyle] and many more stuff which I feel might add to your already achieved mental brilliance.

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So if you’ve ever liked what I said here then I can tell, you’ll feel more @ home & if you haven’t read anything then let your mind’s blank slate to paint pictures starting from here.

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For now, here’s the song which tells a tale (follow the lyrics if reqd):

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