WanaMo_logoIt’s been quiet here for quite sometime now. The reason – I was working on an innovative eCommerce concept based on group buying discounting called WanaMo.com (abbr. “Want More”) – part of WanaMo Marketing Pvt. Ltd. As of now, we have successfully completed the first one month of launch and the response has been quite amazing to say the least.

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So what is WanaMo.com – In simple words, WanaMo.com (abbr. “Want More”) is deal-a-day website on the best things to do, eat, see, experience & buy in various cities across India. WanaMo.com is aimed to be a one point stop for consumers to explore their city with amazing deals  at heavy and attractive discounts. In turn, retail service vendors/providers reach out to such targeted consumers! Basically social media mashed-up with group buying in local markets. To know more, check out “How WanaMo Works“.

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Now, below is the post I wrote yesterday at WanaMo Blog and I’m reposting it here too.

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Its been quite sometime that anything has come out of WanaMo Blog (aka WanaMo Vault). But today thought of sharing couple of interesting things which you might be interested.

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As you all know, we launched just a little over a month and the response has been quite amazing to say the least. So we spent some time digging deep to see were we able to create any value in the 1st month of launch which we have been promising all these while. And to our surprise, apparently, we haven’t done badly it seems.

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We would like to share couple of those findings here:

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1. In first 30 days of our launch, we have been to save Rs 1 Lakh for our lovely customers by giving discounts in order of upto 90% also.

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2. As of now, most of our customers are repeat customers who have bought multiple deals from different categories. This goes on to show that you guys have really trusted us which is quite fantastic.

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3. In 1 month, we have covered categories like pubs, restaurants, indulging vocational classes, Spas, movies, health related stuff and many more. And this is just the beginning. We have many more stuff for you guys in the coming days/weeks. So do keep checking us out!

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So do we need to say “Want More!” :)

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btw, if you have any queries/criticism/compliment or just anything where you think we can help you out, do give us a buzz @ 022-6516-2024 or just email us at support@wanamo.com

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Update: Group Buying Global AG Acquires WanaMo.com to Launch DealsAndYou in India. More updates in sometime.

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