It’s been more than a month now that I’ve touched this blog. I even remember that I haven’t opened the dashboard to see what’s happening in there. There are couple of personal & professional reasons attached to it. But I won’t like to waste your single moment on it.

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But today I’ve a very interesting video to share with you guys. Some might understand deeply what it means and some might not. Doesn’t matter – as long it reaches the right ears & eyes. So today when I watched this video (honestly I got it from Venturebeat’s Entrepreneur Corner – which btw is a must read if you think you have DNA of an entrepreneur), I had to break my month long probation 🙂 – not because I’d something amazing or interesting to say but this video itself summarizes lot of things which IMO words can’t fathom.

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In the whole 8-min video, one word sounds more fantastic than ever – FAIL(URE).

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The speech was being given by Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins who distinguishes that Silicon Valley is not its successes, but the way in which it deals with failures.  The Valley is about experimentation, innovation, and taking new risks. Only a small business that can deal with failure and still make money can exist in this environment.  It is a model based on many, many failures and a few extraordinary successes.

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In the whole talk, he even mentions India couple of times. Although the video is quite old and I’m sure that Mr. Komisar would be surprised at how entrepreneurship to some extent has taken off as a concept from being a loner’s game to a widely acceptable notion; yet there are some corners where failure is not held in good light & faith.

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But as always, being an optimist, I see can that things are on its path to change soon.

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..till then, enjoy the video and do let me know what do you think about it!

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