End of year 2009 is just round the corner. But if you ask me, I just don’t see that because for me year ending has always been a date than anything else. Nothing stops right! Yes, its the time, we make promises resolutions and sometime during the start of new year we again forget and again start..and the eternal saga continues. Also for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been not able to put my thinking & pen together to come up with any posts. It really feels weird now, trust me! Some sort of guilt trip I guess.

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But something prompted me today to pen down some thoughts. I actually read this post on what Google did in 2009 and without a doubt I went back to Jan 2009 and the whole year flashed right in front of me. Technologically speaking, year 2009 has been quite interesting; especially tracking Google and what it has been doing all the year round. As someone rightly pointed out, Google in late 2009 is now covering or aiming to cover web apps, the browser that runs the web apps, the OS that runs the browser, and, according to rumors, even the computer that runs the OS.

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And if you ask me, that’s truly commendable – not just from the technological prowess or its sheer strength in having some brilliant brains channeling their efforts supported by advertising but more often than not, Google has been able to disrupt almost everything they have touched till now.

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In year 2009, many events took place which definitely deserves spotlight but they have been like spotting a comet once in while. But what Google was able to do is every once in a while got into different spheres which I believe is truly commendable. What I’m talking about is not the failure or success part of it but a unique culture perspective which is driving the innovation engine inside the Google-verse.

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There are many companies which are bigger & better than Google but what Google has been able to imbibe in the culture  is unique – its one of those few companies which can & has handled innovation & business processes with much finesse and that’s what makes Google outstanding.

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Initially they started off as:

  • Search
  • Search driven by penny worth advertising
  • Advertising which reaches far & wide corners of the interweb and anybody can avail that.
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After Google has established in the search market, the next logical extension was the use the information and monetize it in different platforms. And that’s what they did and are doing.

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Google now has got into:

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And this is just the start. And this is for consumer segment. Google has also forayed into enterprise segment with Google Apps too. I believe what Google is trying to do is cover every aspect of human attention for information in the most accessible way. And the best way to do it is cover different platforms.

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But what’s most interesting to me is how all these innovations (not to mention they all happened quite quickly) are managed and rolled out. Yeah, one thing is that Google has been planning it for sometime, but due credit to them for actually thinking something some 2-3 yrs back and then finalizing it and rolling it out for mass market.

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So year 2009 has been quite impressive for internet consumer segment and sitting in front of my screen and having a premonition of things to come from Google and other players is nothing less than exciting.

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