I know you’re thinking either of these two – jeez, yet another social media guru (they are ones who just read the title and not the rest) and others thinking, lets see what’s this wanabe guru is upto and bash him up.

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Don’t worry – you didn’t miss much. At the end of the story, you’re always welcome to bash me since I’m not the one born with extra intelligence who knows it all. But yes, with my little bit of experience in social media marketing and the industry I belong, I can rightly say that I’m not totally misfit to write this content.

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Now to some bigger issues – over the past couple of months of my interaction with many digital marketers, agencies, social media marketers and rest I can rightly say that couple of broad based ideologies has been already established. I’ll try to list some of them below:

  • Social Media is a subset of Digital Media and digital media is broadly classified as internet and mobile.
  • Most marketers (I mean those in agencies), especially in India present their pitch to clients with broad based game plan of Digital marketing which also might showcase couple of slides which touches facebook, twitter, seeding of content etc as part of social media.
  • All through the pitch to finalization process words like customer engagement, brand conversations are mutually agreed terms without further delving into details of how to measurably attain that which coincides with layman’s sales report.
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By now, I guess you’re totally sure where am I leading. Also some images or perhaps videos might suffice you if you are to look for how social media has evolved and thus led to evolution of a new breed of marketers who dub them as “Social Media Gurus”.

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Social Media Guru Google Results

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Google India search of “social media guru

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Now a video perhaps (actually a screencast taken from a cool service called Screenr).

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In the video, I’ve tried to capture how social media has evolved (at least from trends graph and google search results) and thus the social media gurus.

btw, mind it, I don’t have any problem of anyone being a guru in something. Infact, I would love to meet somebody and learn as much as possible but in the midst of it all, I feel the actual conceptual understanding of social media has vapoured.

I can’t believe how people practically (not theoretically) consider social media as a subset of Digital media because IMHO the core idea of both these ideas are disparate.

Broadly speaking if you ask me, then this is the way I see how they are different:

– Digital media is a platform for communication which is bought or paid form of media where the currency is attention. So we pay in online ads, banners, social network apps, microsites, paid sponsorships, paid ads etc

whereas social media is a neo-classical example of earned media where the attention (as the currency) is the same but you can’t pay to get attention from users, audience, customers (whatever you want to say).

Now that’s the challenge because social media can’t be scaled by money. It’s a human driven effort like self-created, user generated and most often collaborated. Now no money in the world can do it.

But yes what we as intelligent marketers can do is try to understand where’s the tipping point which can stimulate, harness and amplify the response. Now that’s where we have to work on – and not with asking an influential blogger write a post about your product/service or making a pricey FB app thinking thousands will come and join your charade.

P.S. If you’re still wondering why the hell did I titled the post as “I’ am the social media guru”, then recently I came to know that people like to read negative stories and pay much more attention. So thought of experimenting. If you ask me, the title of this post should have been “Digital & Social Media Chasm” (how’s that for a post’s title) 😛