Sometimes it happens that you just wish for it and there it is! It happened with me today. Sometime back when I wrote about Twitter Lists, I missed pointing out one crucial element other than my “Twitter Lists Search” rant – soon after its launch I wanted a widget (like twitter already has it in their Goodies section) which is easy plug-n-play, compatible with most websites & social networks.

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And today I really got lucky I guess. Within few days, my wish has been granted. Twitter List Widget

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Actually, few days back I was exploring Twitter to see what all new additions they have incorporated and was happy to see the Goodies section with easily customizable widgets for Profile, Search & Favorite Tweets. Now today they have added the widget for Twitter Lists.

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I think this is brilliant and twitter sure has got some attention from people about this new feature – e.g. within few days of its launch, there were about 37 million twitter lists being created (according to Google). Although suddenly the number has taken a nosedive to about 4 million now. So I guess, Google realized that a huge chunk of those lists are just junk – hence the drop. But I guess that’s a good step since it will at least keep the spammers away from the search results.

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btw, if you got some time, then do read this detailed post on “Twitter Lists” which brings together a collaborated effort of how Twitter lists can be effectively utilized. And thanks to the author of the posts for inserting some of my comments from my Twitter Lists post.

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Note:  I’ve put in my “Social Media Marketers” list in my blog too. Just scroll down to see it on the left hand side. Oh if I’ve missed putting you in my “social media marketers” lists, then do give me a nudge in the comments section and consider it done.

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btw, its already quite early in the morning. Need to get ready for a long day ahead of meetings & some amount of intra-city hopping I guess. Expecting to meet some interesting people from the Media & Advertising industry.

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