I’ve been thinking about this word “Failure” for sometime now. Of course, the word has always been referred withfailcon negative connotation but that’s for people who are not ready to take risks. But people who are ready for risks have always appreciated this word since it not only denotes just the other side of the coin but also lot of things can be learnt and inherited to flip it to the better side of the coin.

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For now, I’ll only mention “Entrepreneurs” since I believe they are the ones who make the world go that extra mile – starting from Henry Ford to Steve Jobs or our very own maverick Dhirubhai Ambani. All have their own share of success for sure but what’s not being ever highlighted is Failure. Those who know that, appreciate it and work through to achieve greater heights. But one of the reasons we usually don’t hear failure stories is because we don’t like to hear it since its painful and filled with lot of angst and discomfort. Hence, history only reminds us of great success stories instead of failed ones. And I think that’s a problem. Why – because our culture finds failure in bad light and considers failure as unacceptable.

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And coming back to the point – this social norm of not accepting failure as just another way of learning and bettering things is a big threat to the whole entrepreneurship ecosystem. This is what I used to believe. And of course, this has made me always calculate my risks (sometimes more than I should), even though I knew that my gut feel says that I can do it. But that’s another story.

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But I always like to be proved wrong; since it’s another way of learning faster.

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So when I came to know about this specific conference called “FailCon” being held in Silicon Valley to celebrate “Failure”, my eyes lit up. The intro of the conference says it all:

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FailCon is the first conference EVER to ask successful founders, investors, designers, and developers “What’s gone wrong and how did you fix it?” Come learn how to avoid the most common startup mistakes, network with leading founders and executives, and take away practical and actionable advice.

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Now that’s exciting stuff since on a common platform, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists shared war stories about their failures so that the next generation can learn from them. The experience of failure often gives entrepreneurs the drive to make a comeback, accompanied by the constant fear that they could one day experience that failure again.

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So, when we are able to truly understand that success & failure are all relative and just two sides of the same coin, then only I believe we will truly understand the essence of Failure in big success stories and then success will taste more sweeter than ever. And more often than not, that success is sustainable and not time-bound.

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