Have you seen Technorati.com recently? If no, then I suggest you should check once before going for this post. And for those unassuming who are wondering what is this Technorati, then good for you guys since as they say – “Ignorance is Bliss!” [btw Technorati is was search engine for blogs; like Google is for whole web, Technorati was only for blogs around the world].

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Now they are not? They have changed. And me not liking it very much. Since the value proposition they had when I signed-in 2007 is clearly missing in there now. Heck! The whole feel of yesteryear Technorati is missing.

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I know they are going for the kill with ad network and all but come on – you guys had a wonderful product going. Suddenly kaboom! You just dashed it out of the room. Not good! Again me not likes you, no more (is all I’ve to say now).

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Btw in the process of overhauling their whole system, now it seems that they don’t crawl non-English language blog (btw I don’t remember but couple of months back, I went through this report which proclaimed that Japanese is the language in which most blogs are written in the world). Now, got to give some credit to those Japanese. What they did at one go is alienate the whole non-English generation of bloggers.

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Again not good! From the day I’d this blog, I had a tab which you must have been on the top left hand side which says “Add this blog to my Technorati favourites”. Now it totally seems redundant since it doesn’t matter if someone favourites it or not since I can’t see it. The link is destroyed!

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Also at one point of time, Technorati claimed that it had about 133 million blogs. Now 8,50,000+ blogs. And that had affected many blogs’ ranking in Technorati’s ranking system. I now stand at some 53K out of 850k. Don’t know what to say!

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Technorati Recent Changes

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But overall, I’m neither impressed at the Technorati’s new design nor the content. And don’t even start with UI since now I see the whole website design more clumsy with irrelevant link structure and breadcrumbs, not to mention the so-called use of space to put irrelevant ads.

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Though I understand they are trying to change things around their house and the growing costs to run those servers maintaining that huge boatload of blogs (mostly junk) didn’t make them feel good though. But if you’ve seen them changing things for the last couple of months, you might have realized that Technorati is now more of a Advertising networks than an awesome dedicated blog search engine.

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Btw, in the midst of my rant, don’t forget to run through this Ethan Zuckerman’s post on the same.

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Some lines from his blog post though:

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However loathsome you find this categorization, it helps explain where Technorati’s trying to go. Their business isn’t a comprehensive blog directory – it’s the hub of an advertising network that now ranks fifth in the universe of social media, managing ad inventory on 450 web properties. Persuading advertisers that bloggers are “are a highly educated and affluent group,” not to mention mannerly, neat and well scrubbed, recently helped the company raise another $2 million in venture capital funding.

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Now you decide?