Recently my hosting account was coming to an end. Going forward, I consulted with my close friend, Abhishek Shah of MAW Media who is on the right track of entrepreneurial stint suggested me to hostthis blog in his VPS of LiquidWeb for additional bandwidth with lesser degree of uncertainty of downtime. To be very frank, I don’t know much into the intricacies of such things but the shifting of hosting account from one to another has been smooth nonetheless.

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Though IMB was down for nearly 24 hours but I think going forward it was much needed. But also in this process of shifting, I lost last two posts –

  • Is Indian Telecom Sector In Deep S***? See it here
  • “OneRiot” Might Show Twitter How To Monetize See it here
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Now first of all, apologies guys who have commented on these posts viz. mrjain, Rishabh Malhotra and others. Though plugging those posts again with  back-dating isn’t something I’m too keen but thought of mentioning it here. No sweat folks!

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These are couple of things which I just needed to inform in case yesterday you visited IMB and saw no page being displayed. From now on, I’m sure such downtime will be taken care off with greater importance.

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Finally again, thanks to Abhishek with keeping up with me and my silly questions 🙂

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