Social Media is jumping leaps & bounds lately in India. Although, rants on having more Social Media experts in the circuit than companies itself are doing its rounds but lately what I’ve heard & understood from company execs is that prima facie they want to leverage this medium to show that their faceless brands are no more faceless.

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Now to mitigate the so-called harakiri in Indian social media scene, today I came across this interesting study done by Preeti Anand who carried her research report as part of her dissertation on the impact of social media on consumer behavior. Though previously I’ve written about it but this one is for Indian social media and not some generic world opinion. Now though the report is not as exhaustive as many other global reports that you might have seen, still it shows some amount of light. buy tramadol without prescription ultram for sale buy adipex without prescription ambien online without prescription

View more documents from Preeti Anand.
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Some of the key findings include:

  • Social media users in India are young, predominantly male and have well paid occupations.
  • The top five social media sites in India provide a near captive audience, a majority of whom are long-time and returning users.
  • Motivation for social media usage in India is driven the most by the desire to build relationships.
  • Indian consumers are turning to social media for guidance on buying decisions in a variety of categories.
  • Social media users in India consider peer and professional opinion as more credible sources for purchase guidance than either of them alone.
  • Indian consumers no longer wish to be passive entities but want to actively participate in collaborative marketing on social media
  • Indian users’ perception of value from social media sites is affected by frequently updated, quality content.
  • Like with the Internet, privacy issues are of the biggest concern for the users of social media.
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As I said before that it can’t be said that this report covered everything since it just took 647 online questionnaires but still it throws some interesting lights to key buying insights which many companies can benefit from. But if you’re hard pressed for time, then just focus on slide no. 4, 5, 7, 10 & 11 since it throws some light on where most of the Indian online junta are spending their time and what all things are prompting them to make a buy/no-buy decision.

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Apart from all these, I would really like to know more on who are those 647 responders – are they the hyperactive internet users or the casual general ones since that might make a big difference since out of estimated 45 million Indian online junta, I can say that hyperactive ones are just handful.

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