Couple of days back I tried to get into Yahoo! Meme (Yahoo’s attempt to get a slice of microblogging pie). Today got their invite and I got inside the system to explore more about it. See more into the screenshot below:

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My Yahoo Meme Screenshot

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To know more about the past and the recent tech fraternity takes read here and here.

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But I’ll straight hit the chord as in what’s more I expect as an user from Yahoo! Meme. But before that, I don’t think it comes close to be called as a Twitter-killer. Also its kind of gives me a distant look & feel of Tumblr, Posterous as well as some features here & there from Friendfeed too.

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Some of the good points can I can found out are like clean UI; can post pictures, videos (only from YouTube, Vimeo), music (but only url – may be due to piracy issues) all at one place; can post more than 140 chars (its 2000 characters for them) i.e. more verbose lot might like this feature.

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But in my wishlist I would want some more features:

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1. I want to post mp3 in not just link format only. Also same goes for posting videos which as of now only allows YouTube & Vimeo.

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2. Although its in Alpha version, hope in later release versions they allow easy import of all my contacts especially twitter, facebook & friendfeed with whom I interact daily.

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3. Would love to see a bookmarklet or plugin that would allow to share items without having to copy and paste links.

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4. Also since the API is not ready yet so 3rd party developers can’t write new desktop and web tools for it.

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Hope these couple of things get sorted ASAP. Also I’d this innate desire to get back to Yahoo! system once again. For me, its been like a decade I guess that I’ve used Yahoo! on a daily basis. Now I want to! But looking at Yahoo’s recent frag with Social Networking clan like closing down of SpotM in India, chances are bleak but still am still hopeful.

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By the way, if you guys are on Yahoo! Meme, then you can add me here.

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