Yes, the news is out! Sometime back we launched For the last BPlogoStretchcouple of days, I’ve been giving hints about something new coming along in the world of user-generated advertising. So now its LIVE for all of us.

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More information coming soon in this blog but for now if you ask me then I would definitely suggest you to go to Official Brand Page of BrandPotion to have more fun since there are lot of things to get engaged with – especially those nifty user generated video & print ads inherited from (BrandPotion’s original concept for US, Italy & Brazil). And my favorites amongst all of them are the video & print ads for Google, Nike, KitKat, BMW Mini, HTC etc. Though there are many more but I won’t spoil it for you.

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Ah yes, in case you feel lost or want to know more, then just drop a line in the comment section. Rest will be taken care off! But still there is enough dope in the website itself to help you out.

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But yes, I would definitely request you to give some feedback on the same. Though its still in beta stage but we want to scale it up asap to provide max value to users.

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And last but not least, since we are a Web 2.0 company, how can we forget our friendly neighborhood social networks. Yes, we are on Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and Orkut too. Also we have tried to provide you a discussion forum also.

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BrandPotion Homepage Screenshot

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P.S. More info coming soon…. πŸ™‚

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