Okay, before I start I want to share couple of things which is on top of my mind. As we all know that internet is evolving pubsubhubbub logoat a breakneck pace and everyday we are seeing some sort of technology which promises to revolutionize internet or the way we use internet per se. Though I’m not much of fad follower, but I definitely take notice of what’s in or otherwise. So in the same context, if you’re a RSS/Atom (read the difference if it interests you) freak like me especially the way I use Google reader to such an extent and now Friendfeed to keep updated about few of my friends, then this might interest you.

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But something more than just getting updates is important for me. It gives me real-time updates of what my friends are doing – or what’s the latest news/updates from around the world. Even most of the present websites which are getting max eye-balls nowadays like Facebook, Twitter (especially twitter search) etc have tried to keep themselves abreast with real-time status thingy.

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But it has always been a drag if we really talk about really real-time updates. That means, if a friend updates his blog now, I want to know that now. So “NOW” has become or I should say becoming the holy grail for internet users.

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So there was the birth of RSSCloud where WordPress and Dave Winer came together to make Twitter style updates to RSS feeds using the cloud element and accompaying RSSCloud interface. Also, lately they added RSS Cloud Support to  about 7.5 million blogs on WordPress.com. Amazing stuff going on there!

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Now you must be wondering why am I mentioning about RSSCloud when the post should be clearly about Pubsubhubbub. Exactly! What’s exciting is getting a double tequila shot (mind you it’s just a catchy phrase) at one go. Let me explain that:

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Last couple of months has been quite exciting since we saw two RSS-to-real-time protocols: PubSubHubbub and RSScloud. Among the two, RSSCloud has been there for quite sometime now but adoption was quite slow but its catching up fast now.

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For those who are not as geek as this article may sound, these protocols simply allows you to receive updates of RSS feeds without polling i.e. you get the updates (for example from you fav blogger in real-time i.e. instantly as its being published). And those looking into more geekery can check out this article here. You guys can also check couple of easy explaining articles by Dave Winer himself on Pubsubhubbub here and also the draft.

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Now back to the article – these two protocols are more or less similar expect for one major thing in my point of view. PubSubHubbub supports RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 out of the box wheread RSScloud does not support Atom right now, as none has defined how it would look inside of an Atom feed. Now I personally believe that Atom is the more evolved version of fetching data whereas RSS has been more popular one (Thanks for WordPress for integrating it in its system by-default).

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But these two technology of fetching data real-time is too cool and thats what is making me excited thinking of the possibility for the next phase of evolution for internet. For example, check this LazyfeedIts using RSSCloud and an awesome real-time tool to get information. What’s more exciting is the ease of fetching information from the sea of information that lies in the internet. It makes it easy even for a n00b user.

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More thoughts may be later since I was in between something while I thought of jotting some initial thoughts on the same. Next time, I hope to write some more content on how its can really make using internet more interesting for us all (and not for the geeks).

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So what is your thoughts on the same? Do you think that we have something exciting going on here? Or its just another deadpool thing we are looking @?

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