Last year, around this time I wrote about Yahoo’s plans to get into Indian social networking fray with SpotM. But after spot_m_logo_betamuch dilly-dallying, Yahoo! has finally decided to pull off the cord and call it a day. Though I also wrote about SpotM around January this year (which is about 3-4 months after public release of its development) where I covered its then status quo with many interesting tidbits and I also predicted that its going near the deadpool. We can’t be wrong I guess since from the moment it was launched it surely seemed like that its demise is near.

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Now it’s site has a sorry state all over it as it says:

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Dear SpotM User,
SpotM was a communications product that we were experimenting within India. As of September 1, 2009, we will be closing the site and it will no longer be accessible. We sincerely thank you for your participation and your valuable feedback. -The SpotM Team

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Though the product has been in beta like for ages now so one thing is for sure that nobody is going to miss SpotM. But it casts a serious doubt on our mind if Yahoo! can ever play around the SocNet space which is like burning red hot with biggies like Facebook (worldwide), Orkut (especially in India & Brazil), Twitter and many other niche social sites. Clearly Yahoo! missed the bus and what we hope is that it doesn’t miss it again.

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h/t Pluggdin for not missing this update and pointing me to this info!

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