Way back in February when I wrote about Feedburner recent outages, I was hopeful that Google will do something about it and fix the issues. But it seems that Google is way off the mark in this case. Even I think that SAI is right in proclaiming that Feedburner is Google‘s biggest screwup ever.

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And no wonder FeedBurner cofounder Dick Costolo left Google to become Twitter‘s COO. The moment Google bought Feedburner in 2007 for a reported $100 million it was all messy.

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Personally I believe Feedburner is an interesting idea which if taken ahead could do more wonders in syndication Feedburner thumbs-downspace. But status quo doesn’t permit me to predict a brighter future for Feedburner. Recently (I mean for couple of months), I’ve seen Feedburner is acting weird in terms of showing how many people are subscribed to this blog even. Sometimes it shows half the number or lesser even than usual. Now this sucks if you ask me as a blogger because all we look for in any technology is consistency which clearly is missing in this case.

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Some of common trouble and angst against Feedburner as suggested by SAI are so true and I don’t mind copy pasting their text full-on since it doesn’t matter if the verbose are different but we all face similar problems as publishers:

  • Ad rates are a joke. Google’s ads for FeedBurner on a leading technology news site earned the publisher about 20 cents per 1,000 impressions last month. That means for every 1 million impressions, that publisher earned $200. That is not enough to support a business, and not enough to encourage any publisher to value RSS or RSS advertising. (Now that we think about it, Google’s failure to make RSS advertising a serious business could explain their lax attitude toward the other problems below.) – Even I’m thinking to unplug Google Ads from Feedburner. Whattay dupe it is!
  • FeedBurner has had a hard time keeping feeds fresh. While RSS is ideally a real-time service, important news feeds are often out of sync.
  • Stats — a big reason for using FeedBurner — are still primitive. There’s still no way to see FeedBurner stats in Google Analytics, or overlay Web and feed stats. They still don’t really tell you much about your subscribers or what they’re doing with your feeds.
  • No meaningful new features.
  • Switching to Google’s infrastructure was sloppy. To manually keep feeds fresh, some developers “ping” FeedBurner. But when switching over to Google’s infrastructure, FeedBurner changed some things, which screwed up pinging for publishers.
  • FeedBurner, like many Google services, has no acceptable customer service mechanism.
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So all this shows only one trend – its a letdown or a mere disappointment…..

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