AdMob releases monthly reports on usage pattern for different application across its ad network. For the month of July, the report combines AdMob network data with survey results from over 1,000 users of iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices.

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This month’s report suggests not only Apple iPhone’s App ecosystem but it truly reveals the overall “App Ecosystem”  considering Google’s Android based app marketplace too.

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After dowloading the pdf report (download link), I was casually browsing through the report when I stumbled upon some interesting stats which reveals the overall App Ecosystem as I pointed earlier. Below is a screenshot of the same:

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App Store Marketplace

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Also, as GigaOm pointed out that there are some $200 million worth of applications are being sold in Appple’s iPhone store every month. Extrapolating it, we will get about $2.4 billion a year of pure revenues (also worth noting is operating margins would be high since it doesn’t take much to deliver such apps to customers; i.e. these are high margin sales adding much to the bottomline of course).

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Also to put that in context, Apple says that about 1.5 billion apps have been downloaded from the App Store. In comparison, the Android marketplace brings in just $5 million a month i.e. about $60 million a year (point to note is Google’s Android is just catching up fast and not all its models are yet in customers’ hand).

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So from these hard stats, it becomes clear the pure play apps culture is getting hot day by day. Though while commenting on Om Malik’s post, I asked couple of questions which are quite important in the present context since we are on the verge to give judgement call:

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1. Does monthly revenues from App store i.e. $200 million really make $2.4 Bn dollar business without any fluctuations since I believe these sort of businesses are more cyclical (also looking at economic turbulence we (were) in!).

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2. Does these stats reflect in Apple’s Balance sheet in the last couple of quarters? May be then we can truly realize the extent of the “App Economy”

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So truly the age for content is here (at least in developed markets); though I don’t have much stats for developing markets like India but I’m sure we are not too far away in terms of usage (may be prima facie, scale would be missing).

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