Guest Article: In these dull days of the corporate era, large numbers of corporates are endeavouring to survive the current global pressure. They have been looking towards some common known jargons of the industry for survival or expansion like merger & acquisition, IPO, private equity, debt funding etc. But these all transactions include the big factor “Cash” which is either to be received or expended by a company following any such corporate action. In such a cash strip situation we recollect the olden days of barter system…. “Cashless Transaction”. The same rule has been devised by some large media houses, in the recent times, as an attractive business model by helping corporate to augment their top-line by some brand building exercise in these tough times and even otherwise.

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In simple words, the concept is that the company gets a credit limit, from the media house, for advertising its products Barter Systemin the different channels of the media house like television, internet, newspapers, magazines, events etc. Against such credit limit the company dilutes some equity stake in the company, at competitive valuation, to the media house.

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Such transactions are proving a boon to the companies as it facilitates to boost their topline growth through advertising and promotions in different media channels. It helps the company to save cash and increases working capital of the corporate house which can be further utilised for expansion activities. The company can make tax savings upto 30% (New tax code proposes 25% tax regime for corporates) of the actual advertisement credit utilised. It acts as a win-win situation for both the parties, as the company gets media support to enhance its market reach and the media house gets new client relationship and stake to the extent of credit limit offered.

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Apart from the recessionary phase, induction of reputed media equity partners sets a benchmark for future corporate actions and makes the company more attractive for investors like venture capital funds, FII’s, Banks, retail investors etc. at the time of exploring the primary market or the secondary market.

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In furtherance of the tangible benefits some intangible benefits like cross referencing among the investee companies, better public and investor relations, improved brand equity, large market reach etc. can help the company to generate additional business.

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It can be said that infusion of media capital, especially for SME, can have a far reaching positive impact on the growth of the company in this difficult phase of excessive competition and cash crunch. Thought the benefits appear miniscule in simplicity but it can help to rope in huge amount of tangible benefits to the company if used in a tactical manner.

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Note: Guest article by Sameer Purohit. He works as an investment banker and spends most of his time in corporate strategy, private equity, M&A space. Above all, he’s good friend of mine and I thought that this article can shed some light on emerging trends in media space.

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Hope Sameer can contribute more on such topics in the near future. Also Sameer is not so net-savvy, so he is unable to share any link but I hope he’s able to do so in next articles 🙂

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