I’ve always admired the possibility that new age marketing presents to us. It gives us marketers (by marketers, I mean everybody who are involved the whole process to make or break a product) another opportunity not to shy away from responsibilites and the belief that customers complete the whole 360* in the product success (I’m sure those who are involved in these activities like brand managers, marketing managers or aliases know what I’m talking about).

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But now the whole customers insights terrains are changing. No, not in their changing habits of consumption of theTwo Way Communication products per se, but yes, of course the way the new generation consumes information. Not so far in the distant past, I can think of myself being glued to my television set or turn on the bloody radio to know what’s new or fresh. Now there are innumerable medium (needless to say, it’s all free right now) gives me another shot of devouring information at a lightening pace. Some call it real-time information or some may just put it as shying away from static information. But one thing remains constant in the whole equation – Customers now have more than just couple of media outlets to get information. By information, I mean all that is needed to “buy” or “not to buy” a product/service.

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So that’s why, every other day we would see some B2C or even B2B companies joining the digital race. Some coming out with great success and some failing miserably. But one question remains unanswered: So is every company now is Media company?

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I could have written scores on this topic, like I’ve before; but Mitch Joel who writes a provocative & thoughful blog @ Six Pixels of Separation has an answer to two. And I quite agree to his point of view.

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One of the big ideas that comes out when we discuss Social Media is that any company can now publish content to the world. Most companies aren’t set-up to be content producers. But, what we forget to really talk about is that it’s not all about the content. It’s about the fact that every company is now a media company (and media companies are driven – partially – by the content they publish).

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Whether you’re in the B2B or B2C sales side and whether or not your product is a cheap impulse buy or a multi-million dollar long term sales cycle, your business is now – without a doubt – a media company as well. It’s not like the traditional mass media companies. This is different. It’s about the ever-increasingly reality that you are what you are along with being a new media company as well. Customers (and potential customers) have an expectation that you are connected, listening and reacting. On top of that, they are expecting real content from you (in a real human voice) as well. And, if you’re not willing to accept your new status as a media company as well as everything you were before, rest assured that your competitors or someone with a keen interest in your industry will embrace the idea of creating a media company for themselves or even on your behalf (with or without your permission).

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I think you should go ahead and read the full version of his post. It does presents some food for thought for those who are still sceptic about such emerging trends (if I’d to put in a nice way). But after going through his post, it reminds me of what one of my friend told me: The Web isnt “new” – its actually taking us back to the basics – communication is a two way process – remember the basics?

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