A new study conducted by Yahoo! with partnership of Havas Digital, Warner Bros. Media Research, PHD online-videoand measurement firm Interpret found out that highly engaging online videos are three times more effective in getting consumers to remember, talk about and search for more information on their brand or product.

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More so, there were able to crack the measurable metrics code; they were able to qualify all the videos that were watched from high to low engagement score by just 3 metrics –

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1. Whether users completed the video.

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2. How much attention users paid (determined by the ratings they gave).

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3. Whether they took some sort of follow-up action, such as e-mailing it to a friend or leaving a comment.

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The results showed that 27% of participants who watched the high-engagement videos were likely to search for more information about the product featured, as opposed to only 13% for those who watched low-engagement videos. 28% who watched high-engagement videos visited that brand’s Web site, as opposed to 10% for low-engagement ads. And high-engagement videos accounted for 47% of all ad recall among respondents.

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Now adding to it, I think the 2nd point i.e. rating users gave can be misleading at times (which I believe comes straight from YouTube/Hulu‘s rating system). But nonetheless, these metrics can serve as a primer for advertisers to start looking at how to measure engagement with their video content.

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Though what would be more interesting is how can be measure online video ads? Though the study doesn’t illustrate that but surely we can be happy with these golden eggs in our basket, as of now!

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h/t Clickz

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