Traditionally Google is not one of those companies which indulges much into advertising since its decade long existence. But for sometime now, Google has been hard pressed to go the traditional advertising using television and print format occasionally – like it used in case to promote Google Chrome Browser. Though we have also seen some ads from Google-India for recruitment.

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But Google is going the Billboards way now. The case in question is: Google is taking its marketing strategy for Google Apps to the next level by renting prominent billboards in major U.S. cities.

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Google Apps Billboard ads

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As CNet reports, Google has steadily increased the drumbeat behind Google Apps over the past several months, openly touting it as an alternative to Microsoft’s suite of office productivity and e-mail software with customer testimonials and applications designed to make the switch easier. The company said 1.75 million organizations are now using Google’s online services for word processing and e-mail, which is still a drop in the overall bucket but growing.

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Personally, I’ve been using Google Apps for sometime now, I’ve not really faced much outage except for couple of recent outages in our fresh memory. Here you can see what’s the insider status here.

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For quite sometime now, Google has been fighting with alikes of Microsoft and host of other enterprise-focussed companies to build a much needed scalable business propositions since web has been dominated by them for many years and extension of it on enterprised suites makes more sense. Also since nowadays, Google is facing more competition on its on turf i.e. internet from Microsoft and now since Yahoo! is also inching closer with its deal with MSFT so Google is trying it hard now to shift subtly towards the other side of the business terrain and lure then for using its host of enterprise services.

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Update 1:  Google has come up with Day #2 billboard Ad.

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Day 2 -Google Apps Billboard Ads Campaign

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Update 2: Google with its “Going Google” campaign is also attempting to use the viral message platform of choice these days to spread the “Going Google” message: Twitter. At the bottom of its blog post on the matter, Google urges people that use its apps to “Tweet your story” and provides a link to auto-populate a tweet with the #gonegoogle hashtag. You can also follow the GoogleAtWork Twitter account to follow the Gone Google stories.

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It has also set up a site to “Spead the word” about Going Google. (via TC)

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