Several sources are now reporting that Facebook is currently testing “Facebook Lite” (though the url might not work right now) which some dub as Twitter version of Facebook but fresh reports from TC has revealed that Facebook Lite is totally a different ball game aimed for very strategic purpose.

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As per the reports,

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Facebook Lite has nothing to do with Twitter or FriendFeed — at least, not right now. Instead, it was designed to be used in parts of the world where broadband speeds vary and can be expensive, we’re being told by Facebook. Given that the initial testing of it has taken place in India over the past several days, this makes sense.

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Now it might make you wonder more about why so – read more:

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Think about how slow Facebook is to load at times on some broadband connections (here in the U.S.), and just imagine what that much be like on connections that are several times slower. And then also consider that all of Facebook’s datacenters are here in the U.S. So for the data to get around the world, it creates an even longer natural load time. So Facebook is stripping the site back and allowing Facebook Lite to be a site where new users can quickly write on friend’s walls, send messages and build their social network. The basics. (As we said,) it’s testing in India right now, but the plan is for Facebook Lite to hit places like Russia and China as well, we’re hearing.

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Now I guess it makes proper sense to have a uncluttered interface which takes lesser time to load and give users the basic web version wherein they can engage without much worry about load-time or so on & so-forth.

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Facebook Lite early Images

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But thinking about it, it seems that Facebook might have a different ball game altogether for developing markets like India wherein broadband penetration is still very low. Now we know for sure that Facebook is no altruist organization who would just give something to make users’ life easier. But yes, with this new version, it gives an opportunity to target non-facebook users and thus along with rise in user base, opportunity to monetize it further increases. Now there are two sides of the coin:

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1. Developing the site in India takes care of the cash burn that Facebook would have incurred in US. So cost advantage is on their side. Though I’m not sure about the cost structure but surely the natural trade-off seems to be in outsourced development than doing the same in US.

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2. Penny saved is penny earned – when Facebook saves a penny in developing and managing the show with local data centers, for example in India (this is another point which is still not divulged in public purview), then it can churn out that amount is developing burgeoning local ad markets which still in terms of CPM or CPC doesn’t fetch as much as it does in developed countries like US. So I think, its a good trade-off between cost reduction, revenue multiplication and more importantly gain regional traction which would be important to satisfy the larger picture i.e. to be the single node for netizens.

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So I think that Facebook decision to take Facebook Lite to developing markets can serve good not only for users who are affected by enough speed or bandwidth but also for overall industry industry especially India IMHO.

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What do you think? Lets discuss!

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