Today was a big day since the Finance Minister, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee presented the budget 2009-2010 which was supposed to lay foundation for the financial year to come. Though it was promised that the budget would present an inclusive growth and equitable developmental opportunity from many fronts but apparently it was left high-n-dry in terms of market expectations.

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As an investor, I was expecting more from this budget but nevertheless if we go through the fine print details, then sure the budget is looking forward to a long term sustainable development (as least that’s what Mr. Prime Minister proclaims saying “This is a clear-cut budget which brings together Bharat and India”). Also FM reiterates that India is on the regular path of a high growth syndrome and surely this budget will fuel the economy to return to 9% growth by FY 2012.

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Now all’s fair and done. But if you’re wondering why am I talking about economy and things which is not the regular routine of Stock Market Pluges into Red due to Budget 2009-10this blog, then think twice. Every action (even a primordial one) at the Central Government level will definitely pave the path for growth of the sectors I definitely talk about i.e. Digital Media, Technology, Start-ups etc.

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So what’s in there for all of us (especially for startups, digital, tech and allied sectors) from Budget 2009.Will plug in some of the best reports in terms of coverage comprising of primarily topics which you guys are well versed with to all-round coverage of Budget 2009.

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So here are some of the coverage reports:

  • Medianama did a live reporting on the Digital, Start-ups, Media, Telecom and its impact on the same.
  • A more comprehensive coverage of Budget 2009-10 where all the aspects affecting the economy as a whole has been accounted. Source
  • Speech of Pranab Mukherjee, Minister of Finance – In case you personally want to get deep into the fine print.
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Obviously, the market didn’t like the proceedings, primarily due to no big ticket announcements from the FM. The policy displayed in the budget was short of expectations therefore there was nervousness which was quite imminent in the market. But personally I think we need to give some time to the Government because the intent is there and if short term stimulus with long term perspective is factored in, then surely all-round inclusive growth is not difficult.

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But if I’ve to bet on the status quo, then surely my rating would be 3/10 since expectations were high and deliverance was obviously missing keeping the fact that right now, all we needed was a big push in the right direction in the short term as we barely were just out of the so-called global recession where valuations were marginalized (though some were far-stretched) and people expected more from the domestic front i.e. the budget 2009.

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