I’ve to be upfront when I say this but I’m not much of a Map person – any kind of maps. It puzzles me to the core. More so, I would always prefer on wisdom of the crowds rather than browsing to find HOW-TO reach my destination with maps. But today was a bit different.

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Scenario 1. I’d to reach my destination quite early in the morning. So dependence on WoC was bleak.

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Scenario 2. I’ve never been to that part of the woods – so I was totally clueless.

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Scenario 3. I wanted to give it a final shot to make myself more Mappie (sounds cool, ehh!) person.

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So here I was with couple of online tools to help me out with my make-shift experiment. First up, as always the inevitable Google to the rescue. So I tried out Google Maps. But it kinda lelt me high-n-dry with lots of directions but no proper handholding clue as to how to reach. So with least expectations (since I’m not much of a Yahoo! user), I tried out Yahoo Maps. To my surprise, it gave something I wasn’t expecting. To say the least, it even calculated the max. fare for different ways to travel to my destination with proper route guide. Awesomeness 1.0!  Then as I browsed more, it opened new doors to Awesomeness 2.0. They had “Send Instruction to Mobile”  option with the route map. Sweet lord! In no time, I’ve this ready reckoner in my pocket.

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Testing Yahoo Maps

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End of story. No wait, but then how’s Yahoo! Maps faring vis-a-vis Google maps. I tried to find it out from various sources. Results are totally different BTW. It seems Google is scoring high on attention vis-a-vis Yahoo. Below is the screenshot of blog mentions charted with help of BlogPulse.

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Blog Post Mention about Google Maps & Yahoo Maps

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Though the reasons are quite imminent (and yes social-proof is one of them) but surely Yahoo! has got me under their umbrella (at  least for their local Maps service).

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Finally, I can proudly say that I ain’t a noob anymore when it comes to maps. Rest assured! 🙂

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