We have seen many online ad formats evolving over the last couple of years. We can only say that online ad space is getting hotter day by day. Advertisers are now putting more stress on engagement coupled with ROI from their each dollar spent.

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But once in a while, we come across certain ad formats which catch our attention. All these while, we have seen ad formats like banner ads, text links, innovative video ads but today I came across a certain ad format which really caught my attention. No its not the typical click through ads we generally come across. Though I’m not totally certain about what sort of metrics they are being judged but certainly it caught my attention. I’m sure you guys have seen many different ad formats but this surely falls under the creative types where you just can’t feel blinded.

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The ad is from Nokia’s latest release N97 which is doing its rounds of action in online space. Below is the screenshot I’ve taken of the ad format which I saw in Business Standard today.

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Interesting 'Engagement' Ads - courtesy Nokia N97

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After a long time I’ve actually came across a highly engagement oriented ad format which shows that creativity is still sacrosanct when engagement is top order for online ads.

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I remember an online ad format few years back on NYT where Apple was doing its rounds of offsetting Microsoft. Here’s the format below.

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The reason I’m talking about ad formats is simple – online ads being only measuredby the so-called conventional norms of CTR’s or etc are not enough – creativity should be of prime importance; be it in form of placements, in-ad content etc. These sort of ads not only show that but also shows that engagement with audience lies between those metrics which we forget sometimes.

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