The web’s currency can be defined in lot of ways but primarily it boils down to *attention*. The one with most attention sails through and one with least fades out.

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Past week or so, hype has been around Bing (Microsoft’s latest search engine) which nearly got overshadowed by soft launch of Google’s Wave. Some dubbed Bing to be yet another Google killer and some pure skepticism. But one week into its launch, Bing is showing some positive signs from user community.

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Google Wave which is due release later this year is still in its embryonic stage but words amongst amongst the netizens are quite promising too and some went ahead to dub it as the next step in revolutionizing the internet.

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And without mentioning twitter in the attention battle will be story half done as it has been web’s latest favorite which nose-dived into mainstream media’s attention to latest adoption by the celebrity fraternity.

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So here I was with these 3 interesting phenomenon which is being talked about quite randomly. So I tried to catch the trend of how and where all these are heading. I got an interesting tool from Nielsen Buzzmetrics called BlogPulse which will help us:

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So no extra points for guessing that twitter is the clear winner but interesting to note that Google Wave did took away the initial thunder from Bing but since its under wrap till later this year, Bing is fortifying its attention status. Also, do watch the graph for “Microsoft Bing versus Google Squared“.

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More to come on similar thoughts on attention being scarce and content being abundant in todays world and how media houses are acting indifferently towards it. Till then, its already quite late in the night. So I’ll crash as it quite late in the night while you can feed me your attention battle nudgets you might have encountered in the comments section.

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