I fear I’m painting a picture in the dark alleys of traditional versus new media hallways. But this can be the status quo 20XX.

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All these time, while I was galloping from one news article/blog post to another about why, where and how social media and how its enabling a new genre of relationships between the companies and customers, I find it more fitting that the relationship between the traditional agencies and clients (companies) will sooner or later end (if not re-modelled) since the former’s business model depends on satisfying the clients and the laters’ on generating more & more returns from each dollar spent; and satisfying the client means enabling better, effective and value-added communication to its audience who are weary about consuming the traditional format in the first place.

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A time will come when internet, ubiquitous connectivity and all other neo channels will enable far better interaction [which we try to metricize in terms of “engagement” as of now] between companies and target market than it has for the past many decades. It’s imminent that “product will be the advertisement and customer the ad agency” – that’s the ideal situation. More so, I also think that pure-play, faceless advertising is sheer failure – sometimes even online advertisements. [Yeah, online advertising is not the end game- it never was though! Whatever may be the format.]

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What was needed all these while was a potion which makes more buck for buck for clients, especially in trying times that we were or are right now. And social media provides that tool; most of the times, except for those horrendous examples where few took the so-called social media route and just interrupted their audience till they get totally alienated. Something on similar lines with performance being the keyword was discussed here and my comments here.

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So, marketing, advertising, customer service even or something which directly interfaces a company with its customers cannot be left undone without proper evaluation at this point of time. We are now entering a time where customers are smart ass, witty and know it all since internet makes everything transparent and decouples media from traditional norms. Damn, the whole media arena is getting revamped as we speak and so are our customers.

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So its time to put on our thinking hat and use this new medium that presents us with whole lot of euphoria and excitement than just dumbly alienate it saying – it doesn’t work with us. But if you’re one of those who have been reading and keeping abreast with whatever is happening in the realm of media, then you sure know what you are talking about.

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And as I started saying, I’m painting a picture in dark alleys, after the case presented here with my pitty anecdotes, I don’t think it’s the same case anymore!

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