For the past couple of weeks, its been torrid to say the least. So you’ve not seen much action down here. But rest assure, I’ll get back to action soon enough. Saying that, I’ve couple of things to say before I wrap up this pithy note.

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1. Some sort of announcement is due from my side; may be you can say that’s one of the reasons I’ve been blogging less and concentrating more on tying up the loose ends- both personally and professionally.

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2. I’ve been ardently watching the digital media and tech space more vividly than usual since the casual time-off from blogging have given me some leeway to work on fundamentals. So do expect me to rebound back hard on my blogging front and come up with more thorough analysis than just blogging about news or events.

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3. One of my many activities include investing- both time and money in different projects. Some directly and some indirectly in many smallish ventures which I’m directly and indirectly part of (including my portfolio of stocks I maintain). So expect nothing less than my anecdotes from that space. And no, I’m not gonna tip on what you should buy next from bullishly bear market or vice-versa since I consider you guys to be more prudent.

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So, before I leave it here, here’s a mouthful of the latest from Indian Digital Media space (courtesy – WebChutney‘s Digital Media Outlook Report 2009). From whatever time I was able to devote to the report, I think it doesn’t spill much surprises. And yes, its growing and Digital media in India will continue to grow manifold.

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Finally, I appreciate your patience all these while as I’ve been seeing traffic not plummeting as much as I would have hoped. Thanks for coming back, again & again. I appreciate it, really!

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@Sampad S.

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