I like Bing. Yes I do, especially the rollover mouse effect in videos section. There’s one more reason I like it. Supposedly, it responds to my ego-search to the deepest possible extent, as if I own it.

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Also, for the past couple of days, I’ve been doing some amount of searching pertaining only to Bing and very less of Google (though its hard since more of a decade’s habit) and I should say that the results are quite encouraging and thinking from a business point of view, the very idea Microsoft is targeting in search space can be quite alarming for Google in the longer run.

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But still I find it broken in few counts. Whenever I search my name in Bing, it responds with most of the pages related to me but not that relevant. For example, if a potential client or partner is looking for me, he/she will see my twitter’s daily rants and nothing worth making a positive impact IMHO. The top 2 links are my twitter & friendfeed pages. Still not worth it. Even more so, I could hardly see Bing giving back response to my LinkedIn page. I even tried searching for this query – “Sampad Swain LinkedIn” in Bing and still null, void response.

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So have you tried the same with Bing – what do you have to say about the search results? BTW I like Google on this one – happy with the search results it generates.

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