Finally, Google realized that it should give its social networking site, Orkutorkut-mobile-app-screenshot which is more famous in India, Brazil and other emerging markets a small changeover, at least for the mobile frenzy audience. So it launched its first Java based mobile app.

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It does almost everything required for a mobile based apps like uploading & sharing photos, view scraps, updates from friends, and photo albums in offline mode, writing/reading scraps, updating your status, searching for users, viewing/accepting friend requests etc.

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But was wondering why did Google took so long a time to do this?

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On the hindsight, Facebook had dedicated apps for a long long time and even I’ve seen Indian telecom service providers showcasing their network capability (sort of) as a point of differentiation (PoD) with Facebook being accessible through their network.

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Google has always been very lax in terms of giving any sort of changeover to Orkut which is quite popular here and not much innovation to its users.

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Personally, I’ve more or less stopped using Orkut for a very long time, except for occasional Hi’s & Hello’s for my not-so-into-facebook type friends. But still I’ve seen most of my Orkut friends shifting to Facebook and for status updates what better than Twitter which helps me to stay connected 24X7.

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So does it really make much sense to develop mobile app for Orkut after such a long time? I guess you guys are better judge of that!

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