It’s been more than 3 weeks, that Microsoft‘s decision search engine, Bing got released. From my side, I’d my share of fun with Bing as well vis-a-vis Google. I also did a sort of exercise of using less of Google and more of Bing.

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But to be very fair, its sort of cognitive that I keep going back to Google. The reason for this behavior is that I never had problems as such with Google’s search results since I’m able to manipulate the search queries which suits my results, may be. Also because Google is able to keep the tempo matched up with the end product i.e. relevant search results alive over these years. Whereas Bing is just a new kid in the block.

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Bing versus Google [Image]

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But certainly Bing has a fair chance but extracting lion’s market share from Google is a distant game. But there are certain areas which will keep me fixated to Bing for a while. Here are some cues from the 21 days of Bing experience:

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1. Bing image search is an improvement over Google image search. But it still behind Flickr or Photobucket in terms of scale. But at least Bing scores on this vis-a-vis Google. +1 for that!

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2. I’m a big fan of multimedia. For me, audio with video does the trick in terms of engagement and interaction. So Bing definitely scored better than Google in terms of video search. For example, check this and this and see the difference. Here, I’m not talking about the search quality. More or less, both gives enough content to munch upon. It’s more about user experience, interaction and usability. Bing has visual stimuli and logical paths that direct users to results that don’t require knowledge of hidden functionality, and don’t require sophistication in Boolean search logic which may be the case for Google at times for enhanced search results.

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3. Bing scores lesser if we talk about real-time, may be because of recent inclusion of “show options” features and real-time updated news feed.

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Adding all these, I’m sure users will have enough to try it out and not discard as other so-called Google-Killers proclaimed. But as I said earlier in the article, using Google is more cognitive and breaking habit isn’t so easy.

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