Monetization for Google has never been a problem. Look at their financials for last quarter. Yet, critics are wary about monetization of their inorganic acquisitions, primarily YouTube and many others. Infact, the web giant has been one of the internet success story for the past so many years and also during these recessionary times, it was able to post profits.

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But I was wondering isn’t there room for more? I mean to say, can’t Google concentrate on their already existing money machines rather than concentration on hyperbole products of the future. I do understand that why Google is adding newer products and services to its portfolio but my point is why can’t Google also concentrate on the in-house products it already has which can mint money for them.

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Presenting Case – Google Bookmarks

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Google Bookmarks is an online service that lets you save your favorite sites and attach labels and annotations. Unlike the bookmark feature from your browser, bookmarks are stored securely online, so they are accessible even if you’re using other computers.

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But this service has never come into limelight as such as other services of Google portfolio have. One of the reasons can be because of its inward private state i.e. nobody else can see them.

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But why can’t Google open this up and let it be shareable with others. I remember I used to use it extensively a year back even but suddenly its private state made me dormant. Now I want to share information across the board since the web has opened up lately. With twitter, facebook, friendfeed and other social sites which allows easy sharing of information.

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So isn’t Google in for a ride if its opens up this service? It can still make it private like Delicious has it. Now with this service, Google can make use of it for variety of reasons and compete in the same space like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and other bookmarking sites. And of course, it will be one step up since the google ecosystem is too big and every service in intertwined with each other.

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Am I still talking sense here? I think I’m since I see a huge opportunity for Google to Monetize via this service. And moreover, it has some nifty services like Trends and Interesting items which gives much needed flavor for users.

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