Big news today is Wolfram|Alpha went live today and made lot of buzz. Lot of people are now trying to get a grip on what is so cool about this new search engine computational search engine.

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But still Google is the most preferred search engine across the globe. The reason being most of us who search in Google are not nerds or scientists who will go the last mile to know what is the distance of sun is. But what there’s always a upside of Wolfram|Alpha also.

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But I’ve something interesting to share here. It’s a screencast of a query both in Google And WolframAlpha.

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Head over to WolframAlpha and here’s the result.

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Interesting results were generated from both the search queries. Google Lose and WolframAlpha wins.

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But is it the main point? Its all about intent of the search query. It’s totally possible that WolframAlpha will not topple Google (but the question is are they trying to?). But Google has to fast realize that its all about the intent of the user who is trying to search it. I guess that calls for a big discussion on semantic web or Web 3.0. But Google should understand that when I’m looking for Apple – it means I might be looking for Apple Computers and not Apple as a fruit.

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BTW, I think Twitter must be smiling seeing this since USP’s are clear – WolframAlpha is good at scientific search query; they are good at realtime search feed and on the hindsight Google has 31 billion search query every month and holds the search engine industry’s bastion. But the question is for how long? Though I’m sure Google has the brains and moolah to work it out faster and head towards the green bills (if that’s the reason).

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Till then, Google for sure is poor at Math!

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