Countless times I’ve mentioned in this blog and zillion times may be offline about why social media or why companies are loosing a big opportunity using this new way of communicating or rather engaging with the audience.

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Now this post is less of a rant and more introspective since amongst all those times I’ve pointed out, debated and sometimes meekly listened to social media mavens about why social media, I think now is the time I should pull my thoughts together and try to make a definitive point.

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First of all, using social media or evangelizing it is quite different if I would have been in developed nation where internet or bit-byte media is engrossed by most of the junta. But being in India is like waking up to the question – “What’s the definitive internet population“. Though some may argue its still nascent and lots more to come but I’ve a different point of view on that. Won’t continue on that since I’ll miss the actual point I’m trying to get at but just may be one liner – I was still using internet a decade back; weren’t you? Then why wasn’t the system oomphed up? But lets not get into this mess more since we will for sure get into murky & grey areas.

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So as I was saying – So why choose or rather use Social Media? That’s what one of my very good friend who is on all the major social networking sites, has somewhat promiment web presence, does use twitter sometimes but not got into Friendfeed yet and works in a telecom company doing some very interesting work (Sorry for keeping the name anonymous – discretion maintained).

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So I got into the thinking hat and rather than answering him back, will try to voice it over on this platform since I’m sure lots of bright brains can help me out on this one. But how about this-

Social Media is for Relevance and not Visibility!

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Visibility is what you might have got through pouring those fat money into traditional media earning eye-balls and more eye-balls. But sorry Sir, this ain’t the case now. Eye-balls can be earned but not relevance, engagement or evangelists who will run the last mile to talk or spread your name.

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For example, seeing a Cola ad on television does inform me that they are present but doesn’t make me go to my friend and recommend him that he should buy that specific cola. Yes, that’s the ubiquitious farse protocol for traditional media. Times are gone when you need to inform your features, attributes or how it can help me. Now audience is smart enough to figure that out. Now what they want is something more – they want to talk to the brand – take it along with them wherever they go and spread it since it makes them feel special and important.

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Now I don’t think traditional media could have achieved that 360 degree circle or letting people know and then making its audience run that extra mile for them. Reason being as I said beforetime is less and choices are more too choose from. If still it didn’t made sense, then I believe the recent example of Vodafone’s Zoozoo campaign will make it easier to gulp.

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P.S. I might sound a bit cocky in this post. Please excuse me for that but what makes the thoughtexpress run crazy are those highly intelligent people I meet everyday which feeds my curious grey matter some fodder.

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