SMS GupShup (Gup Shup is an onomotopoetic term for ‘gossip’ in Hindi), the mobile group SMS service that allows users to create mobile communities and broadcast messages is growing rapidly as reported by TechCrunch.

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The site has thousands of groups on topics such as finance, entertainment, lifestyle, health, sports and technology and has a huge fan following in the order of about 20 million users (by the way, more than twitter apparently) which can only be accessed via SMS. Now considering India’s huge wireless base (~400 million), the site has garnered not only remarkable follower base but revenues of $150,000 per month which is interesting considering its just a SMS based service.

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Below watch the CEO, Beerud Sheth talking about its service:
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Now considering that the service only requires users to sign up and use the service all via text messages. So, they never need to visit the website at all. Hence, the site uniques are as low as ~10K last march 2009.

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Also worth mentioning is India’s mobile market growth which registered its highest ever last month with 15.64 million wireless subscribers. Now considering SMSGupShup’s 400 million monthly text messages, it makes around “5%-6%” of the total Indian market.

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Also considering the pace of Indian telecom market’s growth, in few years we will hit saturation and I believe then such services will provide the much needed content needed for carriers to focus on content rather than platform.

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