You must have heard that Microsoft is going to roll out its new *decision* search engine called Bing soon enough. Formerly known as Kumo, Bing should become available by June 3rd worldwide is the latest offering from Microsoft to take away Google’s Lion sized search market share.

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Some have started calling it as “Bing is not Google” from BING Acronym but as I see it from most of the reviews and previews its like Microsoft way of saying Google that “Bring it on $GOOG”.

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But the question is will be able to take it over from Google or not?

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Most of the media properties who have covered this topic has shared all sorts of images or screenshots to prove or denounce that Bing can take over Google or at least take a shot at it. But I think the whole ball game is slightly different than just couple of images or videos.

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Some of the things I’ve realized all these time as a users of search engines:

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1 I want simplicity – great user interface and above all easy relevant answers to my search queries. But there’s a catch to the relevant phrase since I’ve never went ahead to see how most of the queries I feed into Google is faring in other search engines. And I guess that’s the state of affair for most of the users. So to look at it this way, there’s some other reasons for Google’s Lion search market share across the world.

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2. Mind share problem – I think what we are dealing here about search engine industry is more of a mind share paradigm. From the days when the web was evolving, Google took away the crumbs from Yahoo, AOL, Excite etc and led its way to simplicity and great user navigation which many weren’t able to forsee then since most of them didn’t concentrate enough on only search and played as a horizontal portals. And there’s the problem. Now we all are attuned with Google’s search engine since we have been using it for over a decade now. Take that Microsoft!

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But sure I think there’s a solution to this problem over a longer period of time. Though Microsoft has already spending some mammoth amount in the order of $80 Mn on its marketing and advertising of Bing but in software industry, I’ve seen that bundling is another way of marketing which gives an extra bit of mileage than just flat faced advertising or marketing.

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BTW you can know more about the insights, branding and other facets of BING here on this Techmeme Page.

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