Earlier today, Microsoft launched its new search engine, Bing amidst lots of coverage across the tech fraternity which surely will do good for Bing. But today according to RWWMicrosoft along with their Bing launch has announced a standalone product optimized for real time web search. This offering includes Internet Explorer 8 bundled with search and webslices from OneRiot, a real-time social search engine.

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This development has surprised and elated me at the same time. Whereas its good to see that Microsoft finally trying its hands out in real time search which is good for the overall industry but why hasn’t Microsoft tried to include Bing into its IE8 bundled package.

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As I mentioned in my last post that one of the ways, that Microsoft may have a tiny chance of beating google in search is by bundling its products i.e. in this case, bundling of its latest browser offering IE8 & Bing than just OneRiot made more sense since Internet Explorer still covers most of the mass market.

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But there can be another reason too. May be Microsoft is trying its hands out with real time search user acceptability with OneRiot and then proceed further with including the same in Bing. Or Microsoft is playing in this space with a second fiddle, OneRiot which it may consider to buy later, in case Yahoo is not able to sell out fast enough.

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Nonetheless, this space is really getting hotter day by day and love to be in space!

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